Visualisation Boards


Do your boards look like this?

When they could look like this:


 Visualisation boards can add clear value to any process or project offering:

  •     increased efficiency
  •     increased accountability
  •     clarity of information
  •     access to information
  •     control/monitoring of critical processes
  •     monitoring of safety aspects
  •     at a glance status assessment
  •     ideal basis for regular meetings

Examples of Visualisation Boards


Board completely populated by magnetic labels.


Shadow Board

Problem Solving Board

Material Control Board

We supply premium quality Magnetic Drywipe boards, which are manufactured especially for us and are heavier and much more hardwearing than the standard quality boards available on the high street. Any design can be digitally printed and applied to the boards, and all of our print is laminated with a drywipe surface, which as well as protecting the print also adds a depth to the image.

The print can also be removed and replaced with a new skin if required. Instructions on how to apply this are available on request.

The boards are available in 8 standard sizes:

450 x 600 mm

600 x 900 mm

900 x 1200 mm

1200 x 1200 mm

1500 x 1200mm

1800 x 1200mm

2000 x 1200 mm

2400 x 1200 mm

All boards can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation.

We also offer a board cutting service for non standard board sizes.

We manufacture castored metal frames to fit all of our boards, and boards for these frames can be double-sided.

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